Meet Sharbani Das Gupta

I have been described as an activist artist.Yet I have more than one motivation; to explore the invisible links of life, to voice a concern for the human state, to delight in the earth. I draw freely from the mythology of the world combining visual and literary idioms with sculptural forms that address issues that span the personal and the environmental. Living between India and the US, allows me a valued perspective as an observer while providing a cross-cultural platform on which to interact; the differences only underscore the need for balance and understanding in an uneven world.

In Dinner with King Midas, I use the myth of Midas to comment on increasingly unsustainable and inhumane methods of modern food production. The bones of a mutated fish is the center piece, the food inedible, the visual seductive, but ultimately barren.

It is my hope that art, with its ability to reveal reality, breach boundaries and disclose the unseen, may yet make a difference. The Native Americans have said: ‘We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children’. It is with this consciousness that I try to create, communicate, and have a voice.

Member since 2007


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